Tony McCall


Thuggee Tennessee!

Based around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Thuggee Tennessee is the guise of award-winning songwriter, Tony McCall. That's me!  What we have here is an ever-expanding catalogue of rootsy, country, backwoods, and urban folk tales.  Further to this, I cover songs about the land, songs about our indigenous people, train songs, cowboy songs, city songs, drug songs, blues, instrumentals; songs of the people, who, for better or worse, inhabit this land of Oz.  There's plenty to rock out to in that lot!  There's a darkness to some of the stuff too - nobody is exempt!

The story-telling and the proud oral history of our country informs some of the music of Thuggee Tennessee.  The narrative speaks to those who love the land and who identify with it being an integral part of their lives.  I hope I do justice in my own way to that side of things.

There's other stuff too!  Lot's of influences come through in my writing: from 'country' in all its forms, to space-rock, Indian music, surf twang, and whatever it is that constitutes 'classic rock'.  A fair bit of territory gets covered.  It melds down into what I call Australiacana.  I hope there's something here for you to find a connection with.  So ...

Welcome to Thuggee Tennessee!



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